June 11-14, 2022

Registration opens October 2021

The Editors Retreat - Copyeditors, Developmental Editors, Substantive Editors, Line Editors, Book Editors, Freelance Editors Retreat
The first luxury retreat for editors of the written word


Welcome to your home away—a place to hang your hat, rest your pen, and live out your dreams (for a little while). This retreat is created with you in mind, so step into your own story and tell it like you feel it in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Every awkward character or crazy scene, every not-so-well received feedback, let 'em all go.

Put some space between you and your next project and start to live again. Relax, breathe, and let the fun begin. What happens in Playa del Carmen stays in Playa del Carmen, unless you decide to write a book. (Just be sure not to tell everybody else's story; we all deserve to live enough to share our own.)

It happens here—where editors come together to get back to life, back to self, back to the next best idea words can weave. Come ready to pamper yourself! Leave ready to change the world, one word at a time.

Time to Release

Clear your calendar of deadlines, and set a few new personal goals. Treat yourself to some time away. You'll thank yourself later. Put those thoughts into action, and let's get it done! Reserve your space now.

Cheers to You

You deserve a vacation—a real one. Put down your laptop and turn off your phone (except for selfies), so you can fully experience the life you read about every now and again. Raise a glass; here's to you! Come celebrate with us.

More to Come

We want you to be part of the journey. Let's make The Editors Retreat 2022 the best part of our post-COVID19 memories. In fact, let's just skip ahead. Start planning to join us in Playa del Carmen now! What are you waiting for? Your next chapter is waiting.

Indulge your dreams


Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen

Enjoy an island getaway with other creatives. Meet some new people; make some new friends. Maybe even learn something new. The Editors Retreat awaits your new story! Emerge renewed.

Join Us

The Editors Retreat is where editors find some downtime. Come share your next season with us on a sunny beach with clear blue waters and a fruity drink. Who has time to read other people's stories all the time? Let's live one out loud in Playa del Carmen! See you in June!

The Editors Retreat - Copyeditors, Developmental Editors, Substantive Editors, Line Editors, Book Editors, Freelance Editors Retreat
Only the best


Whether at work or play, every editor sees things differently. Come and take a closer look at your next chapter in Playa del Carmen!

It's okay to take a break. Let's get back to life and then get back to reality refreshed and rejuvenated. Your clients will thank you later!

In the heart of


Grand Hyatt Resort & Spa

Come and unwind with us! Your next project might call for this getaway, filled with scrumptious food, fun, and fellow editors with our pens down for a change. Make this year your year for adventure!